Sexual healing is not an issue to trifle with. According to American Psychological Association, unsatisfied sex life is a reason or a hidden cause of quarrels for every third couple in the USA. Sexual life directly influences social life because it`s one of the sources for endorphins – hormone of happiness. In that time, psychologists insist that this hormone is more appreciated by women due to their emotiveness. Satisfaction in personal life directly influences workability of women and provides more risks of stresses and health problems. In that case, if problems occur it`s inevitable to find solutions.


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Crystal Healing

One of the new untraditional ways of healing can be sex toys. Sex shop provides a great variety of them but it may seem awkward for some people to visit them. What healing properties can have these toys? According to Vanessa Cuccia, founder of Chakrubs, if this kind of toys are made of crystals they can pose healing properties. Scientifically proved that human body contains metals, minerals and crystals, that`s why Chakrubs founder see no issue in implementing phallus crystals into sexual healing. Her therapy contains the idea of absorbing positive energy of crystals which can be used to increase women sexuality.

Sexual healing herbs

It`s a bit of taboo for some cultures to evaluate this topic but sexual health can`t be underestimated. That`s why before modern religions many human tribes put some knowledge in discovering sexual healingproperties of herbs. They can increase sexuality for a long period and even now used in modern medicine.

  • Maca root

It`s a great improvement factor for sexual life of women. This herb contains iodine which largely helps to sustain zinc level of the body.

  • Dark Chocolate

Wildly now for women around the world, dark chocolate containing more than 65% of cocoa increases the level of dopamine in the brain. Increasing of this hormone provides higher responses to sexual stimulation.


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  • Catuaba

Aphrodisiac qualities of this herb are highly known by the Brazil`s Tupi tribe. The yohimbine compound of the herb is a great stimulator of libido. According to clinical toxicology studies provided by Brazilian specialists, regular using of Catuaba stimulates occurrence of erotic dreams and intensity of orgasms.

  • Suma root

Suma root is a herb known for South American tribes by centuries. It`s an extreme helper for woman sexuality, which increases the libido and hormone balance.

It`s a powerful aphrodisiac, which extract helps women with low libido. This herb stimulates the overall activity of brain cells, provide better responses from sexual stimulation, lowers stress, normalizes hormone balance.

Herbs are a natural sexual healing helpers provided by Mother Nature. They were wildly used for centuries and can be seen in culture references of many native tribes. These herbs are greatly used in modern medicine to provide better sexual health conditions.


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What are you waiting?

There is no 100% guarantee that every pill in the world can help you out with your sexual life. Low libido healing consists of therapy process and patience, in this case, is certainly needed. Whether you choose crystals or herbs it`s your decision how to stimulate sexual life to have better sexual health.