Dubai: The Health Ministry issued a warning on Saturday against the use of a particular chocolate, honey, herbal products, creams and sex stimulants as they may contain harmful substances, especially for heart patients and diabetics.

The Ministry of Health has warned the public against using Royal chocolate supplement produced by El-Dong Tea Slimming company and the Royal honey supplement produced by a company called Etumax.


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Both products have been also been declared unsafe for use by the food and drug authority in Saudi Arabia.

Dr Ameen Hussain Al Amiri, Assistant Undersecretary for Public Health Policy and Licensing at the Ministry of Health, said the test results of the authority’s laboratories show that the products contain nitrates and unknown substances like tadalfil, which causes blood circulation to drop and may also cause serious complications for patients suffering from heart disease, diabetes or high fat rates.

Dr Al Amiri also warned the public against using performance-enhancing herbal products for men called ‘Zyrexin’. The product is by a US-based company called Health Smart and is being sold online.

Dr Al Amiri said that Health Canada, the federal health authority in Canada, issued a similar warning against Zyrexin in March because of undeclared substances found in the product. The sexual stimulant for men contains unknown substances such as ‘yohimbine’, a substance which can be bought only with a medical prescription in Canada but is banned in the UAE.

The substance may negatively impact the health of patients who suffer from high blood pressure, heart disease, kidney or liver complications. It also causes unstable heartbeat, anxiety, headache, nausea and sleeping disorders.

Some herbal products produced for Ace Nutrition International, namely, the Herbal Health Jointcare, Herbal Health RU Special Cream, Herbal Health YI Special Cream, Herbal Health JI Special Cream, and Herbal Health XIANG Special Cream, along with two male performance-enhancing products called Herbal HealthV+ and Herbal Health Backplus, have also been placed on the watch list. The products contain unknown substances which may cause complications and have negative impacts when used without consulting a doctor.


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Dr Al Amiri has called on concerned authorities not to trade, or import any of these products since they are not registered in the ministry’s drug control and registration department. He has also ordered these products to be taken off the local market.