These are completely natural methods for enhancing your sex life.

When it comes to your sex life, you often want your lady to say that your little solider just knows how to satisfy her. But at times you lack while performing in bed. Today, we tell you seven secrets to help you achieve that.

  • Physical and emotional health:

The most important thing is to revitalise your health both emotionally and physically. Good health is the main key for well functioning penis and high sex drive. Low sex drive indicates that you are not your best physically and mentally.

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Start by improving your diet:

  1. Minimize the intake of fried food
  2. Avoid processed food
  3. Drink 3 litres of water minimum everyday


  1. Try out Pilates, Kung Fu or other form of martial art.
  2. Metal health can directly affect your erectile dysfunction.
  3. Try to be stress free
  • Increase the size and sensibility of your penis:

Massage with right kind of herbs and a disciplined life helps you to increase your penis life. Significance research indicates that massage with right herbs has helped in increase of the penis size upto 2inch. But it needs to be done on regular basis and then you can see the result.

  • Testicle massage strengthens your erection:

Massaging your testicle will help you to produce more testosterone. It helps to strengthen erection, increase semen fluid and increases you sexual energy.

  • Masturbation less frequent often strengthen your erection:

Sorry to bust your bubble, but masturbation affects your erection. Especially men above 30, find it difficult to maintain proper erection. At times you experience a pretty decent orgasm while masturbating and can’t have the same experience while having sex. Remember masturbate to the point of stimulation and not to the point of ejaculation.

  • Increase your sexual power:

There are some beneficial herbs available in the market that can help you to increase you sexual energy and stamina.


  1. Ginger is easily available in market, it increases the flood flow in your penis.
  2. Saw palmetto, yohimbe, maca and ginseng all these can increase blood flow in the penis, expand the blood vessel.


  1. Reduce your sugar intake.
  2. Cut down on you dairy and caffeine consumption.
  • Increase you staying power:

Maintaining your erection longer is a vital part for satisfying sex life.

  • All about your semen:

Have you ever smelled your semen or tasted it? To most of the women its important how your semen smells and the taste of it. If you semen is thick, white and has a mildly tasting odour then you are living a healthy life. However, if it is greyish and tastes bitter and salty and is watery or clear then it’s the sign of some kind of illness or too much alcohol.


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To improve your semen exercise and eat healthy. You can make you semen taste better by eating fresh cinnamon, pineapple and licorice root.